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Ponzio – an inspiration and a source of knowledge for young architects

Ponzio Polska Sp. z o.o. has once again assumed patronage of the Young Architects Awards continuing its educational efforts aimed at architecture students and aspiring architects. Those efforts consist of promoting modern aluminium system solutions and training in design using Ponzio products and systems.
The Competition Jury has prepared 3 tasks (Garden of Art, Water recreation in the city, Capture a picture). Each of those tasks required the use of solutions offered by construction companies – patrons of the competition. In order to help the contestants, Ponzio project coordinators and architect support staff picked the best solutions for each task, offering 3 products: Ponzio PE78N folding patio doors, Ponzio PF152WG winter gardens and Ponzio PF152ESG curtain walls with Ponzio Sun Protect louvers. We believe that the wide array of suggested solutions will help the contestants develop interesting and creative architectural concepts.
During the Awards, the participants can seek advice from Ponzio experts, especially in the form of educational workshops – the Young Architects Days, which will be held several times throughout the 5th edition of the Awards by Builder Magazine – the hosts of the competition. The first event will take place on 16th May in Multikino (Złote Tarasy) in Warsaw.
Our experts will be ready at our booth to offer advice on designing aluminium structures and showcase the systems and their operation using bespoke door, window and façade models.
Participants can log in at www.ponzio.pl/_pl/konkurs_login.php to download all the technical documentation necessary to fulfil the tasks. The person responsible for aiding contestants is project coordinator Maciej Lewandowski, phone no 24 267 21 85, e-mail: maciej.lewandowski@ponzio.pl.
We encourage all participants to use our help to their advantage in order to create interesting architectural designs featuring Ponzio systems.

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