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Ponzio – the Construction Company of the Year 2018

“The best of the best” – a short description of this year’s Builder Awards Gala by the organisers, Builder magazine. The event which took place in the Multikino Złote Tarasy in Warsaw on 24th January gathered the representatives of all the leading companies in the construction industry.
During the Gala, held under the patronage of Ponzio Polska Sp. z o.o., our company has been awarded the prestigious title of the Construction Company of the Year 2018, while our Vice President Andrzej Karolewski has been named the Industry Leader – a title awarded to the most active and effective managers whose actions greatly benefit their companies. Both of those awards are a testament to our exceptional growth, the quality and innovativeness of our products and services, the reliability and stability of our company and our standing amongst our competitors.
Ponzio has also been awarded the highest merit in culture awarded by the National Cluster of Innovative Enterprises – the title of the Ambassador of Polish Culture – for our cooperation during the making of the historical film “Born for the saber”, a production praising the might of Polish arms. The film was shown as an artistic culmination of the Gala.
Ponzio is a strategic partner of this endeavour focusing on the most important patriotic values. “People who made this film possible are people of honour” – stated Major General Leon Komornicki who was a guest at the event.

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