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TOP Builder 2019 award for the Ponzio PE78NHI floating panel doors

The PE78NHI floating panel door system has received the TOP Builder award in the “Innovative solution of the year” category. The awards have been presented on the 21st of March in the offices of the Association of Polish Architects Warsaw branch in the Zamoyski Palace.

PE78NHI floating panel doors are a special variant of the PE78NHI system. This version of the door system features the bespoke thermal stress compensating profile in the outer cavity of the door leaf, which greatly reduces profile deformation due to high temperature differential (the so-called bimetal effect) while maintaining the highest possible thermal insulation performance.
This system is designed for the manufacturing of large dimension doorsets for modern buildings and for the most demanding users, who expect both high thermal insulation and flawless operation – seamless opening and closing regardless of the weather conditions outside. The design of this door system variant also ensures decreased heat loss.
The system was tested in renowned laboratories in Poland and abroad, including:
- IFT ROSENHEIM – thermal parameters
- ITB (Building Research Institute) – AWW and mechanical properties
- IMP (Institute of Precision Mechanics) – resistance to burglary
Solutions of this type are especially popular in Western European markets, where highest functionality is the deciding factor.

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