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A wealth of solutions in Ponzio systems

The yearly cycle of conferences for Ponzio aluminium system product manufacturers has just concluded. This year’s events attracted over 600 visitors, including many customers from export markets.

High performance, low costs
The presentations given during the conferences covered the newest solutions in door, window, curtain wall and sliding systems, introduced last year and in recent months. The new Ponzio SL1700TT sliding system was especially popular among customers. This system features high water and air tightness, thermal insulation and durability as well as ergonomic use. The sealing of the sash is similar to that of casement or turn-tilt windows.
The Ponzio SL1600TT system has received a “premium” upgrade – a fully concealed automatic drive system. Both the drives and the batteries are installed inside the central mullion.
Innovations in door systems included a new variant of panel doors – Ponzio PE78NHI floating panel doors. This variant features the specially designed compensating profile which greatly reduces thermal stress deformation (the so-called bimetal effect). This results in improved, fluid door operation even in extreme weather conditions. This solution has received recognition on the market – recently it received the TOP Builder Award for “Innovative solution of the year”.

Slim profiles, large-dimension glazing
In window systems, Ponzio PE78N has been updated with a slim window profile variant (both for frames and sashes). The overall width of the floating mullion in this variant is only 90 mm.
Proper air circulation in windows is of utmost importance to us. We have introduced parallel action windows with concealed drives featuring both aesthetics (due to hardware being concealed in slim profiles) and natural ventilation.
New solutions included also improved safety features. Class RC3 burglary resistant windows equipped with burglary resistant hardware, reinforcements and P5A glazing guarantee security in accordance with European standards. These windows are based on Ponzio PE68 and PE78N systems. Possible constructions include fixed casement, hopper, turn-tilt, tilt-first windows as well as double windows with a floating mullion in a wide range of dimensions and weights.
Another interesting addition is the window-frame-mounted glass parapet. According to Polish building laws, French windows must be equipped with a barrier on the outside. This parapet has been presented on a special model of a Ponzio PE96 window – featuring the best thermal performance out of all our systems.
All the solutions listed above have been presented during the conferences for all the attendees to look at and test.