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Young Architects’ Awards Finals

The 6th edition of the “Builder for the Future” Educational Programme, of which Ponzio Polska is a partner, has just concluded with the Finals of the Young Architects’ and Engineers’ Awards. Tens of students and graduates from faculties of architecture and civil engineering were selected as best in the competition, beating out hundreds of competitors.
The award ceremony has taken place on the 30th May in Złote Tarasy in Warsaw. The winners were awarded prize money for their creativity, talent, commitment and ability to properly present their projects to the Awards Committee. Other highlights of the event included lectures, workshops and discussion panels held by esteemed architects and experts from the construction industry. Representatives of Ponzio were also present, offering their advice, knowledge and practical know how and providing the proper tools for the competition participants to properly utilise Ponzio systems in the competition projects.
Ponzio participates in educational initiatives to ensure that architects entering the job market possess the required knowledge and basic experience. We will continue to educate young architects who will soon become our partners in creating modern architecture.

We congratulate all the competition winners!

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