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Technology with a vision

The autumn architect conference cycle – titled “ArchiTrends – Technology with a vision” – has just concluded. Participants of the three events held around Poland were informed about the company and the changes currently underway, as well as the newest solutions available in Ponzio systems. The guests were impressed by the information about the new storage and production facilities as well as the latest systems, which were presented on mock-up models.

Hybrid Ponzio solutions
Investors and architects expect the possibility to connect diverse systems in one structure featuring high performance. An example of this approach in Ponzio systems is e.g. the parallel action window in the Ponzio PF152 SLIM curtain wall system with combined structural glazing and industrial finishing touches. Structurally glued sashes provide a uniform, flush external glazing surface, while the concealed automatic drives (housed fully in slim profiles) ensure effective ventilation and pristine aesthetics.
The popularity of the “SLIM” trend in modern architecture resulted in the introduction of many narrow profile solutions in Ponzio systems which allow as much daylight in as possible. Apart from the PF152 SLIM curtain wall, which seems structurally light due to the 15 mm visible width of profiles, another solution of this type is the Ponzio PE78N SLIM window system with a 90 mm visible width central mullion. An interesting solution joining the possibility of huge fixed glazings with proper ventilation are ventilation windows, perfect for office buildings. This solution allows emphasising or concealing the narrow sash on a façade, depending on the architect’s vision. This type of window can be equipped with automatic drives and used in conjunction with an intelligent management system, ensuring high comfort and low energy losses.
Another system attracting the interest of many participants was the Ponzio SL1700TT sliding system – an ideal marriage of large structures with comfortable operation. The innovative hardware system ensures reliability and intuitive operation. The perimeter closing gasket ensures high weathering. The system features also high thermal insulation and burglary resistance (RC2), which is especially important in patio doors.
Fire resistant barrier products were a separate group of presented solution. The architects present were well versed with the advantages of the DesignLine variant of the Ponzio PE78EI system – with one-sided glazing in all fire-resistance classes. Other fire resistance solution on show included butt-joint-glazed partitions, rooflights and curtain walls.