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Customer conferences – celebrating the jubilee

The 25th anniversary of the establishment of our company and the motto “Creating advanced Polish aluminium systems” are the main themes of this year’s conferences for customers – joinery manufacturers from Poland and abroad.
Two of the event planned for this year’s exceptional conference cycle have already taken place: one in Lidzbark Warmiński, aimed at customers from central and north-eastern Poland and one in Gdynia, attended by many business partners from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Norway, Finland, France and Germany.
These events were a great opportunity to sum up the operations and development of the company in the last quarter of a century. The guests were impressed by the rapid development of the company and its infrastructure, especially in recent years.
The wide range of system solutions at our disposal was the topic of the technical part of the conference. We summarised the solutions developed last year and presented the technical innovations that will be introduced in our offer in 2020. Some of those innovations were demonstrated on window and door models available during the conferences.
Among the more popular of the solutions presented were the Ponzio SL1700TT sliding doors, featuring very high tightness (sealing similar to standard openable windows), easy prefabrication and great end user comfort.
Door solutions presented at the conferences included automatic sliding doors fulfilling the most stringent requirements of currently valid safety standards, as well as folding patio doors in the so-called “English” variant – with symmetric profiles allowing the construction of inward as well as outwards opening structures.
The Ponzio PE96 window system dedicated for passive buildings will be complemented by door solutions, likewise fulfilling the highest thermal performance requirements.
Presented window systems innovations included the Ponzio PE78N Slim Industrial – narrow profile windows intended for renovation projects.
A number of window solutions were tested with regard to burglar proofing, resulting in RC2, RC3 and RC4 classifications.
The wide range of new solutions has also been presented to foreign customers who were in wide attendance at the international jubilee event in Gdynia. The motto of this conference was: “Creating advanced aluminium systems in Poland”.
The international growth of the Ponzio brand was made possible by the engineering team at Ponzio and their efforts to develop solutions tailor made for each market. Aluminium joinery manufacturers from all over Europe use the technologically advanced Ponzio systems. Among the most popular export products are the sliding systems designed for the most discerning customers from Western and Northern Europe; and PE78EI Design Line fire-resistant doors and partitions – Ponzio is a leading supplier of fire-resistant products among systems houses.
The conferences are an opportunity to not only share knowledge and present new solutions; this exceptional jubilee edition shows also the market renown of the Ponzio brand in Poland and internationally. Many of our business partners have been cooperating with Ponzio since the very beginning. This occasion was a perfect opportunity to summarise and show are appreciation for these partnerships based on trust and loyalty. Our most valued partners were presented with awards for long-term cooperation, dynamic development of manufacturing Ponzio system products, technical inspirations and promoting the Ponzio brand internationally.