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Ponzio – a market leader

During the Builder Awards Gala, taking place on the 30th January in Warsaw, Ponzio has been awarded the Construction Company of the Year 2019 title “for dynamic development and achieved position on the construction market” and the POLSKI HERKULES [Polish Hercules] award – a prestigious honour bestowed upon companies and their management for special achievements and a strong market position in the industry, as well as long-term commitment to the development of cutting edge construction in Poland.
In the words of the organiser of the event: “The winners are the embodiment of successful market potential development, effective management and innovativeness – they are trustworthy partners”. Ponzio is honoured and proud to receive such accolades and to be included among leading companies from the construction industry. The Gala was a perfect opportunity for the whole industry to gather. The guests included representatives from several hundred companies: general contractors, suppliers, manufacturers, architects, as well as members of the scientific community.
The event confirmed Ponzio’s strong standing on the construction market. This is especially important during the jubilee year – the 25th anniversary of Ponzio in Poland.

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