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Ponzio SL1700TT system awarded for innovation

The Top Builder Awards Committee has selected the best construction products introduced recently on the Polish market. In the words of the competition organisers, “the competition results showcase the development trends of modern construction technology in Poland”.

The Ponzio SL1700TT system won the TOP BUILDER award for “INNOVATIVE SOLUTION OF THE YEAR”.
This is a highly technologically advanced system with an innovative hardware system - the sash is shifted away from the gaskets during opening. Locking points placed on both stiles and the trolley movement provide proper sealing between the sash and the frame gaskets, allowing high weathering and comfortable operation (no sliding friction). This makes the system easy to use, light despite huge dimensions and safe. The system features great weather resistance and burglar resistance, as well as thermal performance due to 3 thermal insulation variants – SL1700TT, SL1700TT+ and SL170TT HI.

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