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Best burglary protection – RC4 windows

The new anti-burglary variants of the PONZIO PE68 and PE78N window systems have undergone extensive testing at the IMP institute. They have been classified RC4 in accordance with pertinent standards. The RC4 class is one of the highest levels of burglary protection usually employed in buildings requiring high security, e.g. financial institutions, courthouses, penal institutions. RC4 aluminium joinery is also highly sought after by private customers who wish to use the highest possible level of protection in their residences.
The RC4 window is a complete burglary protection solution and possesses several features preventing break-ins and extending the time needed to breach. The most important feature is the new and improved profile design. The external face of the RC4 window profiles is reinforced for better protection.
RC4 windows require at least P6B safety glass. Ponzio windows do not require structural gluing of the glass resulting in faster and easier assembly. The windows must also be equipped with anti-burglary hardware, handles with keys and be mounted properly.
Due to all the safety features, the windows do not require anti-burglary bars or blinds which are detrimental to window aesthetics.
RC4 windows boast very high technical parameters. PE78N windows features good thermal insulation (Uw < 0.9W/m2K). Another advantage is the modern design: anti-burglary windows cannot be visually distinguished from non-rated windows, greatly improving building aesthetics.

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