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Sharing our knowledge with students

“Aluminium systems: modern, safe and durable” is the title of the series of lectures given by Ponzio representatives during the Young Architects Days and Young Engineers Days which are a part of the “Builder for the future” program.
As in several previous editions, separate events are being held at each university as it would be impossible to gather all the interested participants at one venue. Ponzio, being a Strategic Partner of both programs: for architects and engineers, is an active participant in these events every year, presenting wide ranging applications of aluminium systems in modern architecture and civil engineering.
We have already held online meetings with students from the Poznan University of Technology and the AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow; both events were very popular among students. The next lecture will be given to students from the Kielce University of Technology.
We are proud that by reaching a wide audience of university students, we are investing in the skills and knowledge of future architects and engineers who will soon be our partners in construction projects.

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