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Ponzio systems at the EXPO 2017 in Kazakhstan

Ponzio fire-resistant systems have been used in the construction of the exhibition centre of the EXPO 2017 World Fair in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan.
The fair, taking place from 10th July to 10th September, will be visited by several million guests and due to that fact the exhibition centre must fulfil the highest safety standards – including fire safety.
Ponzio fire-resistant systems satisfy those rigorous requirements while ensuring the highest quality, aesthetics and comfort of use. Specialised solutions allow the construction of doors, windows and curtain walls with fire-resistance classifications ranging from EI15 to EI120. The fair pavilions feature the most up-to-date solutions: Ponzio PE78EI fire partitions and Ponzio PF152EI curtain walls with the EI60 classification.

Ponzio fire-resistant systems are undergoing dynamic development. Advanced solutions and state-of-the-art technology guarantee the highest quality. Ponzio is a market leader in the field, continuously improving its products.

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