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Modern, elegant and functional solutions – architect conferences

Ponzio is organising a series of architect conferences in cooperation with several industry partners. Two of the three conferences planned for this year have already been held in Mikołajki and Zakopane. These conferences aim to familiarise designers and architects from all over Poland with the newest solutions introduced by our company on the market.
A new door-window system fulfilling the requirements of energy efficient and passive construction is currently in development (Uw< 0,8W/m2K). Ponzio PE96 Passive is a solution for the most demanding customers. This system consists of deep profiles - 96 mm for frames and 106 mm for sashes. 62 mm wide multi-cavity thermal spacers and two-component central gaskets ensure exceptional thermal performances for PE96 constructions. A wide variety of fillings (up to 84 mm thick) is available.
The parallel action windows, available both with automatic and manual hardware, are another novel solution. This type of window is far more effective at air exchange than standard hopper windows while ensuring better burglary resistance, cost-effectiveness, protection against insects without the need of a mosquito net and ventilation without the risk of water damage due to rainfall.
The Ponzio OF90 is a new system designed for the manufacturing of light internal partition walls for office spaces. Both glass and non-transparent fillings are available; inter-glass blinds are an option for transparent fillings. The system’s method of double glazing ensures very high sound reduction. All these features help create highly comfortable office working conditions.
Our engineers have modified the hardware in sliding systems, relocating the catches from the frame to the sliding sash and concealing them. Additionally, the newly introduced “Comfort Close” solution enables smooth and safe closing. The changes introduced improve the quality and comfort of use of large-sash sliding windows.
A new curtain wall variant, the Ponzio PF152 Slim, has been introduced. System mullions and transoms have a 15 mm visible width on the inside, emphasizing the individual, industrial character of the constructions. Another new solution are the roof slope windows, seamlessly joined with façade constructions – windows elements project beyond the cover profiles by less than 30 mm. These windows can be glazed with IGUs up to 66 mm thick, thus ensuring exceptional thermal performance.
Fire resistant joinery is another Ponzio specialty, where our engineers excel at introducing cutting edge solutions. Designers can choose for a wide selection of possible aluminium constructions in fire-resistance classes ranging from EI15 to EI120. The PE78EI “Design Line” system variant is an exceptional solution where the glass is mounted using only one set of glazing beads, similar to non-fire-resistant joinery. That way, the glazing is nearly flush with the frame from the outside. This system has been classified as EI30, EI60 and EI90.
The attendees at the conference showed great interest in the solutions presented by Ponzio representatives; they were also able to examine those solutions first-hand and test them on provided models.