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A Year of New Solutions” is the motto of this year’s cycle of aluminium joinery manufacturer conferences. The first seminar, aimed at Ponzio partners from south-eastern Poland, took place in Kazimierz Dolny on the 11-12 Jan.
The dynamic development of our company is inextricably linked with the constant improvement and updating of system solutions on offer, the latest of which – in window-and door, curtain wall and fire-resistant systems – were presented at the conference.
In fire-resistant systems, a new, economic version of the Ponzio PE78EI system (classified EI30) has been introduced. This version of the systems has been designed with a simpler, faster assembly in mind, greatly decreasing final product costs. Additionally, a new fire-resistant skylight (classified REI30/RE45) in the fire-resistant variant of Ponzio PF152 curtain wall system has been introduced and tested.
One of the novelties in window-and-door solutions is the modified Ponzio PE50 non-insulated aluminium profile system intended for internal constructions. The modifications include introducing the Euro hardware groove in door and window profiles as well as the PVC hardware groove in window profiles.
Another new system is the Ponzio OF90 internal partition and door system – designed with visual lightness and good sound reduction in mind. Other key features include: low costs and easy prefabrication and installation.
A completely different innovation are the high thermal insulation systems – among them the Ponzio PE96 Passive window system intended for energy-efficient and passive construction and the improved Ponzio PE78NHI system – the most significant change is the introduction of a central gasket in door constructions.
The presentation included other topics as well: anti-burglar solutions (two-way inserted anti-burglar glazing beads), ventilation (parallel action window), aesthetics (narrow central mullion in the Ponzio SL1600tt system, Ponzio PF152 SLIM curtain wall variant) and movable louvers in the Ponzio Sun Protect system. Models presenting all the solutions discussed during the lectures were available for the participants to examine and test their functionality.
The substantive part of the conference included presentations given by representatives of the Building Research Institute in Warsaw on “tasks of manufacturers and appointed bodies (notified of accredited) in the process of assessment of products for CE and B marking”.

These conferences are a great opportunity to gain new knowledge, but also to interact in person with our managerial and engineering staff responsible for the development and introduction of new solutions in reaction to market expectations.