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Training young architects

A record number of participants – over 500 architecture students and aficionados – have attended this year’s edition of the Young Architects Workshops, held at the Multikino in Warsaw. The Workshops are part of the “Builder for the Young Architect” educational project, of which Ponzio is a partner. Besides attending lectures delivered by notable and experienced architects, the guests had the opportunity to interact with technical advisors from companies participating in the project. Many of the participants are contestants in the Young Architects Awards competition; our company submitted multiple system solutions to be used by the contestants. Our staff were on hand at the company booth presenting our top-of-the-line solutions, including the Ponzio PF152ESG curtain wall and the leading door-window system: Ponzio PE78N.
The seminar was a great opportunity for young architects to learn directly about using Ponzio aluminium systems in their designs.