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Ponzio PE78EI fire resistant system – “Product of the Year”

The Ponzio PE78EI “Design Line” variant received the TOP Builder 2018 award in the “Best innovative construction product” category in the contest held by the Builder magazine. This honour was awarded by the competition jury to products of the highest quality and utilising innovative solutions, as well as outstanding projects and IT products used in construction.
The event was held and the PKOl Olympic Centre in Warsaw on the 27th March. Ponzio Polska Sp. z o.o. is a leading fire-resistant systems manufacturer, with the Ponzio PE78EI “Design Line” variant being the latest generation of such solutions. The greatest advantage of this system is the innovative glazing solution with only one set of glazing beads. This results in a nearly flush outer surface of the window similar to standard, non-fire-resistant constructions.
The system fulfils the most stringent requirements with regard to:
- fire resistance classification: EI15, EW30, EI30, EI60, EI90, EI120 - high construction quality due to exceptional durability and functional parameters
- ease of prefabrication and assembly – compared to earlier solutions with glazing beads on both sides
- good visual effect – end products identical to non-fire-resistant constructions
- high cost-effectiveness

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