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New solutions in Ponzio systems

“A Year of New Solutions” – the motto of this year’s cycle of aluminium joinery manufacturer conferences is a very good description of the dynamic growth of Ponzio Polska.
A multitude of new system solutions introduced in the last year have been presented during the conferences, which were aimed at both domestic and foreign customers. The rising numbers of aluminium joinery manufacturers form all over Europe attending the conferences reflects the growing importance of export markets in our sales strategies.
These meetings serve mostly as training seminars, with Ponzio technical staff providing theoretical and practical presentations of our systems.
Industry leader in fire resistant solutions
A new, EI30 classified economic variant of the Ponzio PE78EI fire resistant system has been introduced – with a simplified and thus shorter assembly process greatly decreasing the costs of end products.
The “Design Line” variant of the Ponzio PE78EI is steadily growing in popularity and gaining recognition on the market. This system is available in all fire resistance classes; its innovative solutions have been awarded for Best Innovation at the Top Builder Awards.
Another new product is the recently developed and tested fire-resistant skylight in the Ponzio PF152EI system, which has been classified REI30/RE45. Other new solutions include the Ponzio PE50 system, which is a modification of one of the existing door and window systems. The most important change was the introduction of the Euro hardware grove in door leafs and window sashes, as well as the PVC hardware groove in windows.
The Ponzio OF90, an internal glazed partition and doorset system, is another new product line. It’s main features include visual lightness, good sound reduction, easy prefabrication and assembly and high cost effectiveness. The Ponzio PE96 Passive is a window system developed for the most demanding thermal insulation requirements, especially for passive and energy-efficient construction. The Ponzio PE78N system has been updated with a range of new solution, including a central door gasket.
The conference cycle was a great opportunity for informing our customers about all the new and modified solutions in the Ponzio system range as well as face-to-face discussions, helping us stay in touch with market expectations.