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Systemy okienno - drzwiowe
Systemy fasadowe
Systemy przesuwne
Systemy przesuwne


Drawings System

System description

The system for winter gardens or other spacial constructions. The construction of roof slope can be accomplished with facade profiles from PF152 system or on the base of PF152 WG rafters.
The whole construction can be based on curtain wall posts, posts from windows and doors systems, as well as on the reinforced posts from PF152 WG system. The rafter construction allows to use standard glazing beads from windows and doors systems. The connection between rafters and transoms is the same as in the PF152 curtain wall system. The elements of the roof are fixed by hinge connection on the wall beam and by means of system joints on the eaves beam with system pipe for eaves. There is a possibility of using sliding systems from Ponzio offer.

Characteristics of system
- allows to connect the profiles from PF152 WG system, windows and doors system, as well as Ponzio sliding systems,
- allows to accomplish very complex constructions (used in the elements of eaves beam and wall beam, “articulated” system allows to turn the plane of the roof in the range between 7- 45 degrees of the inclination to the vertical plane),
- easy assembly and prefabrication.

Aluminium profiles
EN AW-6060 according to PN-EN 573-3 T66 according to PN-EN 515 Al Mg Si 0,5 F22 according to DIN 1725 T1, DIN 17615 T1.
EPDM synthetic rubber according to DIN 7863 and standard according to ISO 3302-1, E2.
Packet window panels, opaque panels polycarbonate 8-40 mm thick.
Surface finishing
Powder coating with polyester on chromate undercoater according to Qualicoat standards, any RAL colour at choice; anodized in colours: natural aluminium, olive, champagne, gold, brown - according to Qualanoad standards, lacquered for colour imitating wood.