A system for the most demanding users, featuring very high thermal insulation

  • 50 mm wide thermal breaks resulting in  very good insulation parameters
  • reduced leaf deflection resulting from temperature changes due to "floating" panel, separated from the external leaf profile cavity using special point insulators
  • very high thermal insulation Uf from 1.­­2 W/(m2K)
  • concealed leaf drainage available
  • double-sided panel, 96 mm thick, with 3 mm thick aluminium sheets
  • new closing gasket with wide range of movement compensating for prefabrication and assembly errors
  • central gasket greatly improves watertightness and air permeability

  • Aluminium profiles EN AW-6060 in acc. with EN 573-3, T66 temper in acc. with EN 515, Al Mg Si 0,5 F22 in acc. with DIN 1725 T1, DIN 17615 T1
  • Gaskets EPDM synthetic rubber in acc. with DIN 7863 and ISO 3302-01,E2
  • Frame depth 96 mm
  • Sash depth 96 mm
  • Filling insulating panel: 96 mm
  • Thermal insulation

    Uf from 1.2 W/m2K, Ud = 0.67 W/m2K (reference construction dimensions: L 1230 x H 2180 mm, Ug = 0.45 W/m2K, insulating panel).

  • Surface finish methods PE powder coating in acc. with Qualicoat requirements, wide selection of RAL colours; natural and colour anodising in acc. with Qualanod requirements; wood effect coating – surface finish fulfilling high anti-corrosion requirements