A fire resistant variant of the PONZIO PF152 system designed for the construction of glazed roofs classified REI30/RE45 with regard to internal exposure to fire in acc. with EN 13501-2:2016.


  • available roof slope angle range: 0° to 80°
  • a variable load (e.g. snow load) of 0.24 kN/m2 was simulated during fire resistance testing
  • maximum glazing dimensions: 900x2000 mm or 988x1500 mm
  • inlls may be triangle and trapeze shaped
  • no limit to construction width, span limited only by rafter and purlin stress
  • may be glazed with TGUs up to 67 mm thick

  • Aluminium profiles EN AW-6060 in acc. with EN 573-3, T66 temper in acc. with EN 515
  • Mullion and transom depth mullions: 85 - 196 mm, transoms: 91 - 201 mm
  • Mullion and transom width 52 mm
  • Filling TGUs up to 67 mm
  • Thermal insulation

    Uf from 1,9 W/m2K and Ucw/Uw from 1,1 W/m2K (Ug=0,7 W/m2K, dimensions 3.0x4.3m)

  • Classification 01561/21/R144NZP
  • Approvals and quality certificates
    1. 01561/21/R144NZP - ITB classification with regard to fire resistance
    2. classification reports no 1577.1/17/Z00NZP and 1577.1/17/Z00NZP/ENG
    3. 01561/16/R83NZP „Assessmment of fire spread across PONZIO PF152 curtain walls and glazed roofs"
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Ponzio PF152EI cl. REI30/RE45

Ponzio PF152EI cl. REI30/RE45

Ponzio PF152EI cl. REI30/RE45

Ponzio PF152EI cl. REI30/RE45

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